The world social reality, as well as the Brazilian, registers high urbanization as the urban citizens growth quickly, signalling the necessity to establish an effective public policy for actions related to Sanitation, such as water supply, sanitary sewage, rainwater drainage, adduction, supply, collection and disposal systems, as well as the proper management of urban solid waste, public cleaning and appropriate municipal solid waste disposal.


Basic sanitation, as well as solid waste management in Brazil have to be run by the municipalities, but as the vast majority of all cities in the country have minor operational structures and only few inhabitants, and, do not have the financial or technical resources to manage these essential services by their selves, they find necessary to look for affordable technology solutions and specific ways for financing these services.


With so many complex issues to be faced makes Waste Expo Brasil a necessary action. Specially because it gathers all the productive chain at the same time and in the same place, adding a very high level technical content, brought by experts, technicians, entrepreneurs and authorities, through lectures, courses and workshops.


We gather, in one hand, machines’ manufacturers, vehicles, equipment, implements, suppliers, integrators and specialized services providers, and, in the other hand, extremely qualified and

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focused visitors, who are; mostly large generators, public cleaning companies, biomass and sanitation operators and dealers, recyclers, federal agencies and regulators, municipal public managers and engineers.


Our goal is to promote wide and easy access to quality information, as well as to present the latest technologies, machines and equipment to be applied in the Brazil and other South American countries.


Bring your company to be part of Waste Expo Brasil 2021. I am sure you will be positively surprised by this great event.