Cookies policy


Access and navigation through the Website presupposes the use of cookies and similar technologies, both own and third parties, on the device through which the User accesses and navigates, in order to allow and optimize their navigation, analyze the traffic and the behavior of Users, allow them to share content through social networks and personalize content and advertising displayed according to their browsing habits.


1. What are cookies?


Cookies are data files received at the User's terminal from the Website and are used to record certain navigation interactions, storing data that can be updated and retrieved at the terminal. These files are stored on the User's device and are used, among other things, to remember their preferences when accessing the Website again as data for accessing or personalizing the page.


Cookies or other similar technologies can also be used to record information about how a visitor uses a website. For example, through which other page the user accessed the website, or if an advertising banner was used to reach it.


2. Consent


When accessing the Website, the User is offered certain information about the use of these technologies through the device used, in addition to indicating how to grant consent for Samba Show Eventos and its brands to comply with the indicated use.


In addition, through the information panel in the home page the User can decide to accept or delete all cookies or to do so in a granular way and to manage preferences.


At any time, the User can manage his / her configuration preferences, as indicated in section 4 of this Cookie Policy (“How to change the configuration of cookies”).


Some cookies may be necessary for the functioning of the Website and for the provision of the services offered by the Website and required by the User. These strictly necessary cookies do not require consent. However, if the User opposes the use of said cookies in accordance with the provisions of section 4 of this policy, access to the Website may be blocked or not function properly.


3. Cookies used on our Website


3.1 Cookies and purposes


Samba Show Eventos uses the following cookies on its website:


Strictly necessary: These cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website. They allow the User's navigation through the Website, as well as the use of the different options and services offered. Without them, certain features of the Website would not work correctly.

Analytical: These third-party cookies store information about how Users interact with the content of the Website, about their origin, about the browser used and the time they spend on each page, among other information. They are used to measure audiences and to compile statistics.


Personalization: These cookies collect information about how Users use the Website and memorize it to allow access to be a different experience to that of other Users.


Social networks: These third-party cookies allow Users to share content through social networks. These cookies can track the User's browser through other websites and create a profile of the User's interests that can have an impact on the content shown to the User on other websites visited.


Personalized advertising: These cookies or similar technologies, administered by third parties, analyze the User's browsing habits on the Website, as well as on other internet sites, in order to offer the User personalized advertising on other websites that have affinities with their behavior and interests. Samba Show Eventos also uses these cookies to measure the effectiveness of the marketing e-mails that we send to Users (by opening those e-mails and clicking on their content).


3.2 Other similar technologies


In addition to cookies, we can use “tracking pixels” (also known as web beacons or pixel tags). These are small transparent images that are integrated in the Website itself (and, therefore, are not stored on your equipment) and that allow us to verify aspects such as the number of visitors to a specific page or the technical configuration of the users' browser that access.


The website also contains links and external pages. Samba Show Eventos does not control the cookies used by these external pages and, therefore, to obtain more information about cookies from social networks and external pages, the User must go directly to their own cookie policies.


4. How to change the cookie setting or revoke consent


At any time, you can manage your preferences for consent to the use of cookies, managing your preferences through the information panel located on the main page of the website.


Disable or block the download of cookies through the specific functions of the browser used.


Below we offer a list of instructions and links on the steps to follow to activate, deactivate, delete and manage cookies depending on each browser.


With Safari open, click on Safari> Preferences> Privacy> Cookies and website data and choose the desired option.


With Google Chrome, click on the Chrome menu icon> Configuration> Show advanced options> Privacy> Content settings> Cookies and configure according to your preferences.


Google Chrome for Android and iOS With Google Chrome open, click on the Chrome menu icon> Configuration> Show advanced options> Privacy> Content settings> Cookies and configure according to your preferences.


Internet Explorer 11 Click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar> Tools> Internet Options> Privacy and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences.


Internet Explorer Mobile with Internet Explorer Mobile open, click More> Configuration and customize the cookie configuration according to your preferences.


Microsoft Edge in the browser, click More> Configuration> Advanced configuration> Privacy and Services> Cookies and choose the desired option.


Mozilla Firefox With Firefox open, click the Menu button> Preferences> Privacy and Security> History> Use a Custom Setting for History and customize the cookie setting according to your preferences.


Mozilla Firefox Mobile with Firefox open, click the Menu button> Settings> Privacy> Cookies and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences.


5. Updates


This policy may be updated based on legal, technical, or business development criteria. When updating our Policy, we will take the necessary measures to inform Users and, if applicable, request their consent, depending on the relevance of the changes made.